• Boarding offers a caring, nurturing environment.
  • Boarding caters for both weekly and termly borders.
  • The Hostel is open throughout the year except during holidays and half-term breaks and long weekends.
  • Boys and girls are in separate accommodation and senior have their own room.
  • Cosy, well-appointed boarding facilities, bedrooms, study, recreational and bathroom facilities offers a homely feeling for the boarders.
  •  Meals are provided three times daily in our hostel dining room.
  • Snacks are provided at break-time.
  • We have a comfortable recreation room equipped with TV and DVD machines.
  • Supervised prep sessions are compulsory each day.
  • Computer and wi-fi facilities are available to allow learners to complete homework and research tasks.

Inclusive, good quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies.

Desmond Tutu