The Ridgeway Early Learning Development Centre.

The Pre-Primary School aims to develop the child as a whole: educationally, physically, emotionally and socially in our multicultural setting which is colourful, vibrant and interactive.

  • The centre offers places to approximately 50 children, aged between 4 and 6, in Grades RR and R.
  • There are three teachers and a psychologist is available when needed.
  • The children are divided into groups and each group participates in the full range of activities on a rotational basis.
  • Activities are grouped around themes which are explored and which become progressively more complex as time passes.
  • Group activities, both structured and free, foster social and co-operative learning skills in a funfilled atmosphere. Teachers are always on hand to guide and encourage.
  • Age-appropriate pre-reading and pre-writing skills are introduced and systematically extended during the child’s Pre-Primary years.
  • Knowledge and confidence in numbers is encouraged and developed through a wide range of concrete operational activities suited to each child’s stage of numeracy development.
  • Much of the learning happens through the media of music and art.We know that a secure, stimulating and happy environment provides the basis for learning and development and so the Centre has its own premises in a spacious house and garden close to the secondary school.
  • Plenty of play – both indoors and in the garden – is an important part of our programme.
  • An abundance of toys and playground structures encourage a natural process of experimentation in conditions where the children have choice, control and support.
  • It’s important for every child to experience success, to build self-esteem and develop sensitivity towards other children.
  • It is equally important for them to know that, while there are firm boundaries, each one of them is loved.
  • The acquisition of fluency in English comes naturally through the multitude of activities with teachers and peers.

A Friendly and caring environment for children to thrive in.