Dear Parents


  • We will return to our school uniform next term.
  • New school uniform orders


  • Skorts, skirts and white shirts: next round of orders will be in Jan for March delivery
  • Orders can be placed until 11th September for:  jerseys, school tie, white and navy socks, sports uniform (shorts, shirts and track suits) Next change to order will be in January
  • Orders for khakhi golf shirts (ECD Centre), navy shorts, khakhi trousers, belts and blazers can also be ordered in September but you will get a chance to order these items again in October
  • If you are intending to withdraw your child from Ridgeway, please remember that a term’s notice is needed.

     Important Matric information:

  • The matrics need to regard this 2 week holiday as a study time. I understand that they need a holiday but they cannot afford to take the entire time off. There are some subjects that have not yet completed sections of the syllabus and this needs to be done early next term.  We also have external moderators visiting us. The matric timetable has been finalized by the IEB (see attached document) with the first examination (CAT) set for 15 October.  We are unlikely to release our matrics for swot leave before 14 October, making it imperative that they use some of their holiday time to prepare.

Last night, I re-read “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”.

I am not sure how many parents have read this junior set work book, which tells the horrifying tale of two young boys (one German and one Jewish) who befriend one another through the fence at Auschwitz.

As I read the novel, I recalled to mind many other set works, poems and plays that deal with man’s inhumanity to man and of the “heart of darkness” of mankind. Fiction many of them may be but thousands of others are based on reality, recording tales of war, racism, xenophobia, gender-based violence, greed and corruption.

I considered the news articles I read and the feed on my Instagram and Face Book pages that bring new travesties to light each day. The American election campaign drama, the riots in Belarus and closer to home, global campaigns against the abuse of human rights and the plundering of resources in a country in crisis already… it can all become quite depressing!

In the face of all this doom and gloom, I have to believe that there is essential good in us all. I have to believe that “there is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle” and that candle is one of hope in humanity.

Our school has principles that we hold dear: principles of integrity, tolerance and acceptance, of discipline, of kindness and compassion. I know that as a parent body you too uphold those same ideals. Together, we must teach right from wrong, good from bad, kind from unkind, tolerant from intolerant and pray that our children have a moral compass instilled in them that makes them ethical human beings.


Yours in Education

Dionne Redfernn