Dear Parents


  • We will return to our school uniform next term
  •  If you are intending to withdraw your child from Ridgeway, please remember that a term’s notice is needed.

    Skorts, skirts and white shirts: next round of orders will be in Jan for March delivery.

    Orders can be placed until 11th September for:  jerseys, school tie, white and navy socks, sports uniform (shorts, shirts and track suits). Next change to order will be in January.

    Orders for khakhi golf shirts (ECD Centre), navy shorts, khakhi trousers, belts and blazers can also be ordered in September but you will get a chance to order these items again in October.

    Important Matric information:

          The matrics need to regard this two week holiday as a study time. I understand that they need a                    holiday but they cannot afford to take the entire time off. There are some subjects that have not yet              completed sections of the syllabus and this needs to be done early next term.  We also have external            moderators visiting us. The matric timetable has been finalized by the IEB with the first examination              (CAT) set for 15 October. 
          We are unlikely to release our matrics for swot leave before 14 October, making it imperative that                  they use some of their holiday time to prepare.


The term is drawing to a close. With just over a week left and the holiday so close I can almost touch it, I am reminded of the seemingly endless car trips of my childhood as we headed for the beach. Countless fights on the back seat, feeling car sick and bored, it felt like we would never get there… then suddenly, from the top of a ridge, someone would catch the first glimpse of the ocean and the occupants of the car would heave a collective sigh of relief. The end was truly in sight. That is how this term has felt!

Please may I remind parents that school closes on Friday 18 September and that all pupils are expected to be in class until then to go through their exam scripts and check marks. For the matrics, this is a vital time as many subjects have not completed the syllabus and we need all the time we can get.

Ridgeway College Computer Applications Olympiad Results

There was a time when computers were spoken about in hushed tones, with an element of awe and fear at what these machines could do. The first computer was completed in 1946 in the USA, occupying 1,800 square feet and weighing almost 50 tons! A far cry from the slim, light-weight lap tops of today, not to mention Apple watches, which are mini computers in their own right.

Computers and computer devices are now so much a part of our daily lives that a world without them seems unimaginable. It is vital that every modern day learner acquires the basic skills in high school to know the basic computer skills and terminology, to confidently send emails, conduct Internet research, create word processing documents and presentations, use Excel and the Google Suite and so on.

These computer skills will be assumed when students go on to tertiary studies where the processing and presenting information online is a given.

It was skills like these that were tested in the Computer Applications Olympiad, held earlier this year. We are delighted to announce the following winners:

GOLD (Top 7% in the country)

Tshinakaho Malitsha Grade 9

SILVER (the next top 14% in the 

Nompumelelo Mabhena      

Koketso Machaba

Mulisa Mabasa

Bradwin Moodley

Safvan Patel

BRONZE (the next top 29%)

Mncedisi Ndlovu

Andani Raphalalani

Farhaan Ayob

Jesus Kazaji

Tawanda Mudavanhu

Muzi Ndlovu

Mulisa Tseisi

Mr le Roux and I have spent this week visiting junior schools in our area. It has been a most informative time and we thank the heads of Laerskool Luvubu, Laerskool Musina, Gateway Primary and Laerskool Louis Trichardt for their time and for allowing us to speak to their grade 7 pupils. We will be visiting Braambos Primary next term.

Yours in education

Dionne Redfern
Executive Head