Junior Phase

Children do PE during school time. In the afternoon they stay for Art and Tennis. Every Friday morning they do Music and Dance with professionals from Dance For Joy.

Senior Phase

Children do athletics, netball, soccer, hockey, tennis and cricket for sports. Extra mural activities are choir, chess, Ecology and Art.

  • We have an amphitheater which brings the classroom outdoors.
  • Regular field trips not only immerse the children in the riches of the wider environment but are yet another source of cross-cultural enrichment which encourages team-building.
  • The Primary School is a recognised Eco-School and many of the extra-curricular activities – such as the expanding butterfly garden – are focussed on understanding and conserving the environment.
  • Animals are housed on the property. We keep birds like Indian ring-neck, cockatiel, conures, pigeons, geese and a duck. We also have rabbits and a vegetable garden.