11 September 2019


It is our pleasure to inform you that we will be offering aftercare at our new Early Childhood Development Centre from 
the 1st of September 2019.
The After Care is offered to all students from Grade RR to Grade 3.  Students who wish to join the after care centre will be
collected from the Preparatory School and transported to the ECD Centre, in Leeu Street, after school.
At the After Care Centre, there will be staff on duty which will give the students a cooked lunch and help them with their
homework.  There will also be nap time and supervised play.
Students should be collected from the After Care at 17:00.
The cost of the After Care Centre is R750 per child per month, and will be added to your existing account.
If you are interested in enrolling your child at the After Care Centre from next month, please complete an enrolment
form and return it to the office.


When students need to be given medication during the day, please send the medicine in a container together with
a letter giving either the teacher or Mrs. Biggs permission to administer the medicine.  Write clear instructions of 
how the medicine must be given.  Children must under no circumstances take the medicine by themselves.


For the security of our children we kindly request after you press the bell at the gate that you identify yourself and state
reason for entering the school.
During office hours parents must report to reception before going to the classes.  Parents must make an appointment at the 
reception to see the Principal or the teachers for any issues.


My School Card fundraising project is currently running a promotion until the 15th of September where they are not charging
the school for the issuing of cards to parents.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to register.  Just sms “JOIN Ridgeway College”
to 31231 and a My School representative will call you back to complete your sign up.  Please can we ask every parent to join by 
the due date.  There is absolutely no cost to you as parents and all you need to do once you have received your card, is swipe your
card at any Woolworths, Engen, Loot, Flight Centre or Waltons Store when you make a purchase and you can earn points
for the school.  The more people we have earning points for us, the more money we can raise.


Applications for 2020 are now open.  Please collect application forms from the Ridgeway Preparatory or Ridgeway College
or visit our website:  www.ridgewaycollege.co.za   

Please let family and friends know.


If your child is celebrating their birthday, they should only bring simple cup-cakes or small bars of chocolate to school
to share with the class.  Please follow the rule, the children have also been told by their register teacher.


The Jungle Book concert will be held on the 18th and 19th of September.  Tickets will be available at the school office
from Friday the 1st of September.
Cost of tickets – R40/adult and R20/child.
Tickets are available at the school office and will also be sold on the two nights.


FIRST TERM:               15:01:2020-20:03:2020
SECOND TERM:          31:03:2020-12:06:2020
THIRD TERM:              07:07:2020-18:09:2020
FOURTH TERM:          29:09:2020-02:12:2020


Please parents, make sure each and every item of your child has been labeled clearly, including water bottles,
lunch boxes and hats.  Every day unbelievable amounts of clothing are being found around the school with
most not being marked.
We are requesting parents to come any week day at 13:40 and look through the lost property to see if there is 
something that belongs to your child.


Please do not speed along the gravel road especially when there is a lot of dust which causes poor
visibility.  If we all take precaution it could prevent a fatal accident from occurring.