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Newsletter 18 September 2020

Dear Parents The holidays are upon us and not a moment too soon. I wish that someone far wiser than I am could explain the psychological and emotional impact this disaster of a year has had on us all. What I do know is that our pupils have shown levels of anxiety, disengagement and a sense of hopelessness that has been alarming. My staff are exhausted from not only the academic toll but from carrying the burdens of their pupils too. I pray that this much needed holiday brings the respite we all need.                                                  Yet…

Newsletter 11 September 2020

Dear Parents        Reminders: We will return to our school uniform next term  If you are intending to withdraw your child from Ridgeway, please remember that a term’s notice is needed. Skorts, skirts and white shirts: next round of orders will be in Jan for March delivery. Orders can be placed until 11th September for:  jerseys, school tie, white and navy socks, sports uniform (shorts, shirts and track suits). Next change to order will be in January. Orders for khakhi golf shirts (ECD Centre), navy shorts, khakhi trousers, belts and blazers can also be ordered in September but you will…

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