The Headmaster of Ridgeway College Mr Bruce Wells congratulated the Matric Class of 2017 for achieving strong results with a total of 38 distinctions and a 95% matric pass rate.

Ridgeway offers the AS Cambridge and IEB curriculum at the matric level. At the AS level a total of 18 students sat for the matric examinations. 14 students achieved Bachelor passes with 2 achieving Diploma passes and 2 a Higher Certificate. At IEB 18 sat for the examinations with 9 students achieving Bachelor passes and 6 students achieving Diploma passes and 1 a Higher Certificate.

Our top students in the AS class was Rolivhuwa Mukoma (below) who recorded the highest aggregate, achieving 5 distinctions in Afrikaans, Physical Science, Biology, Computer Science and achieved 98% for Mathematics.

Rolivhuwa Mukoma

Ahmed Manzoor (below), Afrikaans, Accountancy, Mathematics, Physical Science and Biology

Ahmed Manzoor

Fatima Dawood (below), Afrikaans, Accountancy, Biology, Mathematics and Physical Science

Fatima Dawood

Nkavelo Shivambu (below), Accountancy, Afrikaans, Biology, Mathematics and Physical Science

Nkavelo Shivambu

Mishal Aboobaker (below), Accountancy, Afrikaans, Biology, Mathematics and Physical Science

Mishal Aboobaker

Xin Wang (below), achieved 4 distinctions in Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physic (A Level)

Xin Wang

Our top students in the IEB class was Vhuhwavho Nevhugoni (below) who achieved 4 B’s in Business Studies, Maths Literacy, Geography and Life Orientation.

Vhuhwavho Nevhugoni

Mr Wells congratulated the staff for their hard work and the parents for their support and dedication to their children’s education. We wish them well as they seek placements at our Tertiary institutions.